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At Crayons Kindy we advocate learning through constructive play. We believe this is a time in your child’s life where fun, creativity, and freedom of expression are pivotal in their development. We will support them as they explore the world through a wide variety of play experiences that will lay the foundations for their future learning.

Intentional teaching and knowledge building will be provided to include school readiness. Ongoing learning and reflective practice is an integral part of our service.

Crayons Kindy integrates one age group of 3 to 6 year olds. They will be divided into smaller groups for specific learning times.

Your child will be encouraged to make choices to develop independence, confidence and self-help skills. We hope to instil a healthy desire to take risks, strengthen their critical thinking, and demonstrate curiosity.

Our centre is always staffed
above the minimum staff ratio.

Our Team

Our educators are qualified, experienced and compassionate. We will support and encourage the wellbeing of your child in a welcoming, safe and stimulating environment. We promote resilience, a sense of belonging, self-worth and support your child in forming secure attachments, trusting relationships and warm interactions.


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